` Есть секунды куда значительнее, чем века.


 Мне нравится чувствовать атмосферу событий, происходящих на другой стороне линзы. С удовольствием сохраню этот день рядом с вами, чтобы потом вы смогли окунуться в него с новыми чувствами.

 Мое вдохновение в текстурах, природе и людях. Давайте встретимся и поговорим о вашей истории.


|   My heart belongs to nature.

 Hello. My name is Anna and I shoot in Moscow and other places. I like to feel the atmosphere of the events which are taking place on the other part of a lens. I love the movement, emotions and natural beauty. Let's talk about photography with a cup of tea. I like what I do. The people around me are remarkable because they leave me a piece of them and with them is a piece of me. I will keep this day with pleasure so you could remember it. My heart belongs to nature. To hear waves, rolling in wet sand, to inhale mountain air, to plunge into wood sounds is sometimes all that is necessary to me. Let's meet and you will learn more.

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